About Us

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Our Captains

Captain Melissa and Captain John Paul Wilinski are your hosts for the Cruisin Tikis Naples.

Our Cruises

Book a Cruise for you, you and a few of your friends or a private tiki cruise.

Per Person Cruises $30 per hour per person. Minimum 2 hour cruise up to 6 people. Shorter lunch cruise available depending on schedule.

Private Cruises up to 6 people. Second Tiki Boat coming in December to accommodate total of 12 people.

1 hour cruise $180
2 hour cruise $360
3 hour cruise $500
4 hour cruise $600

Disco Cruise
3rd Thursday of the Month. Disco music and giveaways; necklaces, etc. $45 per person for 2 hours.

Glow Cruise
3rd Saturday of the Month. Glow necklaces and fun glow stuff. $45 per person for 2 hours.

Our Story

More of our story coming soon! We are two happy captains that are excited to be expanding our business beyond our luxury pontoon rental at www.2happycaptains.com with the upcoming launch of our two Cruisin Tikis® in Naples, Florida.

Franchise opportunities available.